I Caught My Mother In Bed With My fiancé – Please I need Your Advice

It’s inequitable to speak of the truth without outlining the complete ordeal, my names are Debby Maria stone. I grew up with silver spoon at the peak of my lips – in short, I was born into a successful business mogul parents home, I do not lack an iota of a thing, my foods, my clothes, my shoes and my everything are at the snap of my fingertips. The love is incomparable, to be sincere I won’t trade my life for anything not until now that my world came crashing.

In the year 2015 I met the love of my life at my 22nd birthday, I refers to him as “honeybee” but his real name is know as “ Stephen mark”, his also a business tycoon with a lot of recognition awards in his name. I believe by now you know I am not dating him because of his wealth, I loved him, my life was placed in his precious hands to love, cherish and protect.

On my 25th birthday ( January 12,2018), he went on his precious and angelic knees to propose to me and I couldn’t help but to give “Yes, yes, yes” as my response because his just a perfect gentleman with an angelic heart of gold and I can’t just wait to spend my entire life with such a special man, but I guess I was wrong, I guess those hands ain’t as precious and those heart ain’t as gold as insinuated above.

A week to my wedding which happens to be December 11,2018 I went to my mother’s house, on which I knew fully well that she will be home alone due to the fact that my dad is a busy man and also do not stay in the country much often, so I wanted to keep her company and to also deliberate on the preparation for my upcoming wedding. I couldn’t go with my car because it was faulty so I had to order Uber which was swift in getting me to my destination, lo and behold I checked myself into the house because no one could hear me press the bell so I believe that my mum might be sleeping. So I went towards her bedroom to see if she’s fast asleep, but to my greatest surprise I heard my mum moaning in total satisfactory pleasure. I was dumbfounded because I did expect my dad to be out of the country, so I dashed back to the living room expecting them to come downstairs.

After waiting for a few minutes a message enters my phone which read thus:

“ my beloved daughter, I am sorry I had an emergency call concerning my company consignments, so I am currently out of the country but will be back before your wedding day.

Love from your father.”

Immediately I was stupefy and curious to know who is digging my mother who is in her late fifties. So I stood in front of the door expecting them to come out.

One hour later, I heard the door creaked open with my fiancé happily folding my mother’s bosoms while cracking jokes on how firmly they are in her fifties, my eyes bled out water and couldn’t believe my eyes. I collapsed and was rush to the nearby hospital. Since then i have been bitter and cancel my wedding with the devil in human form called ” Stephen Mark” – but please i need your help:

Should i forgive my Mother and let everything go or tell this secret to my father?, please i will be reading your comment below, i will sincerely appreciate your input on this. Thanks

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  1. This is a truly personal experience. You need to seek advice from no other than yourself through deep reflection. Finally take that advice and act accordingly

  2. Keep it to yourself. You never know whats going on into her world. The bigger devil is your fiancee and so disrespectful. Dont break your mom’s marriage you may regret it one time

  3. End the relationship and don’t tell you father. As for your mother you will forgive sum day but distance yourself from her.let her conscience eat her up little by little.

  4. Your Dad has to know about it. For your personal healing, take time to nurse your broken heart don’t rush do it at your own pace cause what you went through was truly painful.

  5. You can’t hide it forever from ur dad,u just need to speak up,tell ur dad d reason why u needed to cancel d wedding n move on with ur life…Act like ntin never happened, give yourself thousands of reasons why u need to be happy,don’t allow ur happiness to be ruined by someone who doesn’t respect and love u,trust me u will find someone better than him.SHALOM

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